Teeth Whitening

An attractive smile can do a lot for you. It can improve your confidence in both social and professional environments, helping you make a better first impression on people you meet, and improve how you feel about yourself. Unfortunately, many things in our lives end up staining or discoloring teeth; age, coffee, cigarettes, tea or simply aging. Many over the counter products hold more promise stronger results than they actually achieve.

Here, at Cary Med Spa & Wellness, we use professional equipment: the Bleach-Bright BB-Cool Advanced III light and L.E.D. whitening kit. Used together, they may help your smile get 2-8 shades whiter in a little more than 15 minutes.

To help maintain your smile, enjoy our selection of take home BleachBright products, including:

  • BB Foam Bright
  • BB Complete White Smile
  • BB Home Whitening Kit
  • BB Starbright Pen
  • BB Keep Bright Pen
  • BB 5 Hour

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