Dr. Sameh Toma

Sameh Toma, MD, FACOG, Medical Director

Dr.-Sameh-TomaDr. Toma is one of the most well known surgeons in the Raleigh/Durham area. He graduated from North Carolina State University with a Bachelor Degree in Science in Electrical Engineering. He then graduated from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill School of Medicine and completed his residency there as well. During his residency, he conducted significant research and published several articles regarding infertility, endometriosis and fetal wellbeing.

His most significant training came under the late Dr. Luther Talbert, Fellowship Director for Reproductive Endocrinology at UNC-Chapel Hill. Dr. Talbert then left UNC-Chapel Hill to open the North Carolina Center for Reproductive Medicine and asked Dr. Toma to join him in this private practice. Together, they created the most prolific and successful fertility clinic in the region. Dr. Toma also has used his engineering and medical expertise to develop color ultrasound. He also designed the state-of-the-art laboratory at NCCRM. It’s similar to a micro-elect clean room providing the cleanest air environment for embryology. This is a major reason for the high pregnancy success rates enjoyed at the facility. Dr. Toma is Board Certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology. His interests include in-vitro fertilization and advanced reproductive surgery, microsurgical tubal anastomosis, complex gynecologic surgeries and cosmetic procedures. 

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